Olushola Temiloluwa.

A software engineer with a heart for design. I love lifting weight and music.

Projects —

  • Solar Asset Mapper - Landing

    Had the pleasure of designing and developing the landing page for the Solar Asset Mapper by Transition Zero. A global dataset and generation capacity estimation of solar assets across the globe.

  • tjwho.co

    A storefront for a Lagos based luxury fashion brand. Primary focus was on the create an experience the highlights the brand taste and luxury.

  • Airpods Pro

    I attempted recreating the Apple Airpods Pro landing page for fun. Using HTML Canvas to draw a series of images when scrolling.

  • Mitigating bias in ML models

    Mitigating bias while optimising for accuracy and precision in machine learning models. Inspired by the Learning Fair Representation paper was able to maintain both objectives while reducing bias.

  • Adaptive Climate Systems

    A climate system that can adapt to itself? Using Directed Chaos (Logistic Map). Producing unrealistic pathways to stay below 1.5 °C.

Posts —

  • Debugging is an Art

    There is an art to debugging. How do you get to the root of the problem quickly and efficiently? What's in your arsenal?

  • New Year Resolutions? No

    New Year resolutions are overrated. What's the point of setting goals at the beginning of the year only to forget them by the end of the month?

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