Olushola Temiloluwa. Software Engineer, focusing on design, engineering & AI.

My interests lie right at the intersection of design, engineering and AI. As a result I am passionate about crafting functional, intelligent and beautiful things. On the side, I create for fun.

Projects —

I am always tinkering, here are some that made it out.

  • A storefront for a Lagos based luxury fashion brand tjwho.co. Primary focus was on the create an experience the highlights the brand taste and luxury. Featured on read.cv
  • I attempted recreating the Apple Airpods Pro landing page for fun. Using Canvas to draw a series of images to recreate the scroll interaction. View Prototype.
  • Mitigating bias while optimising for accuracy and precision in machine learning models. Inspired by the Learning Fair Representation paper was able to maintain both objectives while reducing bias.
  • A climate system that can adapt to itself? Using Directed Chaos (Logistic Map). Producing unrealistic pathways to stay below 1.5 °C Explore notebook.

Writing —

Could be engineering related, philosophical or just ideas.

TJWHO Storefront