Creating the /resources page

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Today, while scrolling through (opens in a new tab) I came across a tool called Raindrop (opens in a new tab) and it's hands down one of the best product I've found in a while. Raindrop was exactly the tool I needed but didn't know existed.

Sometime last year I started keeping links to pages, sites, blogs, ... I found interesting on Notion, shared it with my team with the intention of creating a "knowledge base" for the team. It was nice having a place I collected gems. Overtime, I felt others might find this useful and wanted to share with anyone/everyone. I knew if I found something similar online I would be so excited. The next question is how do I share in a non-intrusive, non-overwhelming way. .


  1. Share the Notion page publicly and add link to my site
  2. Embed the Notion page on my site
  3. Create the list on a custom page

You can probably tell the downsides, complexity or "hacky" nature of these options. I can dive into them in another post (maybe). Focusing on creating a custom page for this felt a bit redundant because I'd have to manually update it and put in some work to get looking how I'd like. And boom, with Raindrop I can embed, update from any device and its aesthetically pleasing ✨ (the joy!)

Set up

  1. Created an account (free tier)
  2. Exported the Notion table as CSV
  3. Cleaned up and imported into Raindrop. (Guideline (opens in a new tab))
  4. Tweaked the collection a little to match my style
  5. Shared the collection as public
  6. Embedded on site

Resources Page Go to resources

The end.

Inspiration: AIxDesign Library (opens in a new tab), UI Land (opens in a new tab)